Festival Idea: Brooklyn Folk Festival


A performance during a previous edition of the Brooklyn Folk Festival (Photo: Brooklyn Folk Festival)

Celebrating the very best in American and world folk music, this is one of Brooklyn’s most popular annual festivals. Taking place in the heart of the borough, the three-day event features a mix of local New York talent along with national and international names.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018, the event dates back to 2008 when local radio host and dedicated banjo player Eli Smith decided that the vibrant borough needed its own folk festival, partly in order to give emerging talent the chance to shine in front of a wider audience. Eli partnered with the owners of the Jalopy Theatre on the venture and the rest, as they say, is history.

(Photo: Brooklyn Folk Festival)

Suffice to say, today the festival is one of the most popular music-themed events anywhere in New York, bringing together thousands of music lovers and hundreds of musicians from across Brooklyn, New York and beyond.

Among the notable names set to appear at the landmark 2018 edition will be Jerron Paxton, Spirit Family Reunion, Innov Cnawa, East River String Band with R Crumb, Bruce Molsky and Radio Jarocho

As well as live music performances, the festival also features instrumental workshops, movie screenings, jam sessions, and the famous Banjo Toss contest. The festival is open to visitors of all ages.

The 10th annual Brooklyn Folk Festival at Brooklyn’s St Ann’s and The Holy Trinity Church from 6th – 8th April.