8 Unique Jewelers in New York City


New York City is a shopper’s paradise and is known for the many luxury options you can find there. But you don’t have to spend massive amounts of money on Fifth Avenue at jewelers that everyone’s already heard of. Tiffany? Cartier? Please. New York City has bred plenty of other jewelry stores that deserve your recognition just as much. Here are eight of our favorites, across a range of budgets. 

  1. Catbird 

Catbird jewelry could be described as “cute” or even “darling” (Photo: cherrypatter via Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

From cygnet rings to charms in the shape of cannolis, Catbird offers an eclectic and totally cool array of jewelry for those that want to add something a bit out of the ordinary to their jewelry box. 

Browse through delicate rings, personalized necklaces, understated and minimalistic earrings, “kitten mitten,” and even engagement and wedding rings that are just as unique as you and your spouse-to-be. The Big Little Charm Collection features unique items in adorably tiny scale and yellow gold, from keys to spiders, bagels to seashells, mushrooms to snail mail. 

If you’re shopping excursion includes a traveling companion who’s not as fond of jewelry, they can peruse the beauty, home and gifts section, with its paper goods, fragrances and more. 

219 Bedford Avenue 

2. Carrie Bilbo Jewelry 

Jewelry inspired by nature — that’s the essence of Carrie Bilbo Jewelry. Relatively new, the brand has met rave reviews over the last decade, with the jewelry appearing in fashion magazines, on celebrities and runways. This year, a wedding line was launched that includes hair jewelry, wedding rings and engagement rings. 

As you peruse the various offerings, you’ll easily see the nature connections, what with the rings inspired by budding plants and butterfly wings, hairpieces and bangles modeled after fallen branches and earrings reminiscent of insects. 

63 Flushing Avenue 

3. UrbanGlass

This is not the interior of your average shopping stop (Photo: cherrypatter via Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Okay, so UrbanGlass might not be entirely dedicated to jewelry, but it does have a pretty impressive jewelry lineup. 

UrbanGlass was established in 1977 and promotes the use of glass as a creative medium, offering educational classes, exhibitions and more. However, you can also do a little shopping. 

The glass-centric jewelry items really range in style, having come from the minds of many different artists, and the wide range of prices really reflect this. You can find a lovely pair of cosmic earrings for as little as $27, or a braided beed necklace for $300. 

Stop in to see what the folks at UrbanGlass are up to, and what you might possibly want to take home for yourself.

647 Fulton Street

4. Alexis Bittar 

See something you like? Try it all with a new offering from this designer (Photo: JAXON EP via Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0)

Alexis Bittar started out selling designs on the street and now offers high-end looks around the globe. While all of the jewelry is pretty awesome on its own, one new offering that any jewelry aficionado will want to try is the Bittar Box. This custom shopping experience allows you to enjoy Bittar designs without leaving the comfort of your own home. You receive a personalized jewelry selection handpicked by Bittar boutique associates and then those items are delivered right to your door. You get to try them on, see what you love and just keep the pieces you’re most fond of, before returning everything you don’t quite like. The return shipping is pre-paid and the label provided, so your only cost is the pieces that you kept. 

1100 Madison Avenue

5. Brooklyn Charm

The sky’s the limit when you create a custom piece at Brooklyn Charm (Photo: Hannah via Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Brooklyn Charm offers it all — loads of charms to shop through, classes, shows and more. If you’re into jewelry making yourself, you have to take one of the classes at the Williamsburg outpost. If you’re just into wearing jewelry, though, stop by any time to browse. 

There are literally thousands of unique charms to choose from, and you can either take the charms home as-is, to add to your own piece, or you can work with an associate to build your own piece of jewelry right in the store. You’re really not going to find charms like this anywhere else; think taxidermy, rare gems and vintage dead stock materials that aren’t even made anymore. 

145 Bedford Avenue

6. Erica Weiner

A self-taught jeweler opens up a retail shop in Manhattan, followed by a second retail shop in Brooklyn and then decides to mix anthropology and art history and travel and jewelry altogether to create a unique brand that’s become well loved and revered in the New York City style community. 

The Antique Jewels collection includes wonderful and weird pieces collected from around the world, rather than made in-house, but the objects are totally must-sees. There’s the Georgian Cut Steel Tiara created circa 1800. The Georgian Mother of Pearl Urn Scent Bottle Necklace from the 1820s. Getting married? How about an Art Deco diamond ring?

Of course, the EW Originals line is amazing as well. These handmade items include cool objects like memento mori skull amulets and customizable necklaces. 

175 Elizabeth Street 

7. Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher has a heavy celebrity following, including household names like Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama, Katy Perry, Sarah Jessica Parker, Selena Gomez and more. The jewelry includes a lot of heavy, metal-centric pieces, from large hoops to bangles and rings, chain links to dog tags. Stylish pendants and charms are also available, many in edgy, crisp designs. You can also build-your-own piece, with customizable options. Recently, the jewelry brand made a foray into the culinary world, with a line of spicy, curry and universal salts. 

103 Fifth Avenue, Second Floor


VERAMEAT is wonderfully eclectic. The brand says its jewelry “is inspired by a self-sufficient life form with a sculptural presence.” The small flagship store in the East Village is open every day of the week. What will you find there? Check out the NSFW line, which includes signets featuring some interesting anatomy, nude charms and more. The Precious jewelry line includes gemstones set in rings resembling dinosaur claws and skulls, and in necklaces outfitted with bee and owl charms. In addition to jewelry, VERAMEAT also carries its own line of accessories and apparel, with sunglasses, phone cases, keychains, swimsuits, hats, jackets, jumpsuits, totes and other items. 

315 East Ninth Street 

By Holly Riddle